2. BAMBURGH – Northumberland

2. BAMBURGH – Northumberland 

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What can I say?!  What a stunning spot this is 🙂

Access either through extensive dunes (you could definitely get lost…) or alongside the imposing castle (still occupied today), Bambrugh Beach fair takes your breath away (and not just because of the walk through the dunes either!)

We visited on a sunny, but windy, day in September when the wind was whipping up both the waves and the sand.  This didn’t spoil our enjoyment in any way at all.

The approach through the village brings you to a truly impressive view of the castle before you turn right to leave the village itself.

I wish we had visited Bambrugh Castle, one of the largest inhabited castles in the UK, but sadly we didn’t on this occasion (maybe next time?)

It was a lovely surprise to see the village featured on Penelope Keith’s ‘Britain’s Village of the Year 2017‘ on Channel 4. I can’t actually remember who won, and am struggling to find out via the internet (very strange!)