Day 1 – Another Rainy Windy Day in France…

Is it the curse of the Philmers or were we just unlucky today?  The day started out fine but by the time we had found the campsite (finally) and were ready to go out, the weather was getting ready to turn (only we didn’t know that when we left, so left without coats, or even a proper warm top in my case..)

Let’s go back to the beginning.  We had a really good crossing, but after a very early night (for which I’m now getting a lot of stick) we were awake by 5.15am.  First off the boat we had to pull over when the SatNav took it’s time to pick up a signal so watched those who knew where they were going sail past us.

We were soon on our way though following the SatNav – which we assumed knew where to take us.  Little did we know it was going in completely the wrong direction and we would have to resort to other methods to find our campsite.  Oh dear 😦

Once we found it though, what a wonderful surprise!  Domaine du Logis is a perfect delight – and when we arrived it was sunny!  It is full of Brits though so sort of feels like we’re at home.


Once set up we set off for Mont St Michel.  (We got lost again on the way…) By the time we arrived it was blowing a hooley!

Once parked we took the free shuttle down to the Mont (it really was too windy to walk all the way), and spent a good few hours exploring.  All as I remembered it and loved it just as much.

A couple of drinks now consumed and I’m about to make us fish finger sandwiches!

Game stats: 1 all (I won Mini-golf, Calv won at pool)

No. of times lost – at least 3

Weather – shocking





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I'm a middle aged accounting tutor looking for my own mild adventures with my other half before it's too late..... I took the plunge and organised a year long sabbatical in 2017 (a year with no pay!!), sold the house and my car and am ready to go :) Towards the end of my year off I decided to give up full time work completely and go freelance to enable us to travel more :) So far, so good!

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  1. Sat Nav!! I thought you were the daughter of Dave Walters!! They laugh at me at work as I refuse to use one and use my map books and I always get to places first or quicker. Oh and the gourmet French cooking sounds tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fab second day and I look forward to reading it. Xxxx


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