7. More. Sleeps…..

It is exactly 7 days to the minute that we will be leaving these shores for our extended adventure around France.  And to remind me Calv has just sent me a few pics of the ferry we’re going on leaving port – what a pair of saddos.




We’ve had so long to plan for this trip, but as ever most of the work can only be done within a couple of weeks of leaving.  So it’s all kicked off in the last couple of weeks.  We’ve shopped for England this weekend – new clothes, new shoes, new satnav, new bike rack.  You should see our little C1 with 2 electric bikes on the back!  (Brilliant little bike rack btw; grips onto the towball and the bikes are going nowhere).

What have we got left to do?

Haircuts.   New tyres for the van (6 – £ouch).  MoT on Citroen.  Family meal on Sunday.  Final shop.  Last suitcase of clothes/shoes to go into van.

Birthday cards are written and ready to be posted (Sam’s responsibility…!)  Proxy vote forms completed for the referendum.  All campsites checked now and rail tickets to Barcelona printed.  I think we’re almost there – just got to fuel up on Monday and get on our way 🙂

The next time I post we will actually be in France and I’ll hopefully have something interesting to write about – I can’t wait…







Author: MandoraTheExplorer

I'm a middle aged accounting tutor looking for my own mild adventures with my other half before it's too late..... I took the plunge and organised a year long sabbatical in 2017 (a year with no pay!!), sold the house and my car and am ready to go :) Towards the end of my year off I decided to give up full time work completely and go freelance to enable us to travel more :) So far, so good!