The van has a week in Sixpenny Handley – without us!

Our friends, Barry & Gill, are going to look after the van for us for a week next year when we go to Ibiza for a wedding.

When their dog, Trixie, broke her leg a few weeks ago they couldn’t keep to their original holiday plans.  So we thought that maybe they could get some practice in!

We took the van to a site we use regularly (Church Farm in Sixpenny Handley, just beyond Fordingbridge) and they followed us in their car.  Once set up we showed them the ropes – although we forgot a couple of things, such as putting the hob lid up in order to light the oven.  They didn’t even realise this until about Thursday as they stuck to their vow to not cook until then!  (Well done Gill – I’m impressed!)

The hedgerows were heaving with blackberries and Gill set to picking me some so I could make a blackberry and apple crumble on Sunday (it was yummy, even if I do say so myself – in fact so good that Calv picked a load more blackberries when he went back to pick the van up the following week!)

We went off for a little walk to the village shop (unfortunately the butchers was shut on Saturday afternoon) with Trixie in her modified pushchair.  I was stupidly happy to find a pint bottle of Worcestershire sauce in the shop (having seen it through the window of the butchers first).

Barry & Gill spent the week visiting the local area, including Fordingbridge and Poole (which is admittedly a little further afield).  They also picked wild mushrooms which they coupled with bacon & eggs from the butchers for a quick tea.

They said that they found the week extremely relaxing, which we were really pleased about.  We hope you enjoy it as much next year – wherever you may end up!

Barry, Gill & Trixie at Sixpenny Handley

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