My CoronaVirus Distancing in Numbers – Days 13 & 14

2nd Instalment of my own lockdown journal.
Are you on your own, even if only for part of the day, during this lockdown? How are you coping? Are you managing to fill your time?

A continuation of my lockdown ‘journal’…   Click here for the 1st instalment

I did fairly well on Monday (Day 13) with staying off social media and games, although I lapsed a little towards the end of the day.  (I need to write the day every now and then as otherwise they all meld in together; in other words I don’t know what day it is!!)  Today is Wednesday (aka Day 15)


Wednesday 1st April 2020 (I’m not really expecting there to be many April Fools jokes today)

Current Day of Social Distancing (following government guidelines):

15, but I’m writing about 13 & 14 (as it’s still before 8am on Wednesday, day 15)

Days spent on my own while Calv works (as an HGV driver)


Les Mills workouts completed

5* (well 3 1/4 as Body Balance really isn’t my thing…)

  • 3* x sh’bam
  • 1 x Body Combat (the ‘how to’ – will do a proper workout next time)
  • 1/4 x body balance – I never could do it, but thought I’d have another go.  The one I chose involved pulling legs towards me by the ankle.  My right ankle (injured almost 5 weeks ago while playing netball) still isn’t ready for this.  So I gave up 😦

Bring Sally Up (Sally Squat’s)

5* – I still haven’t had to cheat again 🙂


5* – I’m managing to add 5 seconds each day (I’m now up to 40 seconds and VERY pleased with myself)


1 – I haven’t plucked up the courage to try again after last time but have every intention of doing so tomorrow (I think it’s Thursday tomorrow)



No walk on Saturday – that was the day we had our visit trip to the supermarket under these current conditions.  I was dreading it!  It was also my 1st time out in a car for over 2 weeks.

At Asda the queue snaked all the way across the front of the store and into the car park.  Everyone was standing patiently 2m apart, although we did see someone give up and go back to their car ( we did wonder if they were thinking it might be quieter later – I wouldn’t have thought so!)

We were let in 1 (or 1 couple) at a time as people finished their shopping and left.  Inside the store there were arrows on the floor to try to dictate the direction of flow.  People were clearly trying to follow these, but it’s not easy is it?  Most people were observing the 2m rule but, again, there were a couple who simply didn’t seem to understand it and would come barrelling towards you.

All in all though not a bad experience and we got everything we wanted/needed.

After dropping some bits off to my dad – he’s 85 and seems to be coping quite well with the lockdown (he has lots of books!)  He’s following all the advice to the extent that he refuses to go out into the back garden despite us all telling him that this is allowed!

Anyway, I digress.  On the way home as we pulled onto the Delme roundabout the van in front of us hit a swan, which came flying over the top of the van to land in front of us.  Of course we stopped and put the hazards on as did the car behind us.  After about 5 mins of being sheltered by us and the guy behind (and me trying to ring the RSPCA, who didn’t pick up) the swan seemed to get over it’s shock and stood up to waddle onto the centre of the roundabout – it knew exactly where to go to be safe.  Hopefully it was just shocked.

I eventually managed to persuade Calv to come out for a walk later on on Sunday, by which time there was a bracing wind.  We managed to avoid this on the way back up the hill by taking the bridleway up past the crematorium.

My walk on Monday (day 13) included stepping over the barrier in front of a footpath just before the road bridge over the motorway.  The foot traffic thinned out as I climbed higher towards my goal (I’d always wanted to take this path to see if it would take me directly to the footpath over the motorway – it didn’t).

I did see a little girl with her dad checking out the house (right beside the barrier) that recently had a car buried in it’s front room.  There is no reason for the barrier itself to be there – I wonder if it was just laziness or thoughtlessness that means it’s there?  Or does it have to extend a certain length either side of the bridge?  Who knows!

I found myself walking through local roads that I’d heard of but never walked through (they’re all within minutes of my house!)

Barrier across the Footpath

Yesterday (day 14) I found that the bottom of my road was quite congested and much changing of direction and crossing of the road was required to negotiate my way safely home  🙂


3* – Yesterday, (day 14) I wasn’t really in the mood for a full on workout so decided on the WiiFit.

I was proud of myself for finishing off though with Sally Squats, some crunches (numbers upped on previous days) and the obligatory plank 🙂

Trips to the van ‘larder’

So far I have visited most days and had to procure the following:-  (a * denotes a change from my previous post)

  • 2* bottles squash
  • 2 packs of teabags – the small packs you get in big boxes
  • 1 box green teabags
  • 4 tins baked beans (Branston)
  • 3 tins of chopped tomatoes
  • 2 tins butter beans
  • 1 tin haricot beans
  • 1 jar of pesto
  • 1 jar of Ragu
  • 1 jar of jam
  • 1 packet of caster sugar (very important)
  • Garam Masala
  • Several bottles/cans of beer and cider
  • 1 bottle of wine
  • 1 jar of coffee
  • 1 box of pasta
  • 2 packs of Mexican style rice
  • 2 x toilet rolls

Also now:

  • 4 tins of tuna
  • Jar ground coriander
  • 1 tin of custard
  • Several stock pots
  • Crisps
  • 1 box jaffa cakes

Conversations on HouseParty/other video calls

6 so far on HouseParty / 7/8 on FB or WhatsApp / 1 Google hang-out with work colleagues

I’m still finding that I’m talking to people much more.  I’m still not very good at phone calls though!

Watching Homes under the Hammer

I watched most of this on Monday (day 12 🙂

Watching TV in general during the day

SHOCKER – neither Neighbours of Emmerdale were on yesterday (day 13)!!

I’m still not struggling with abiding by the social distancing, but it’s only been a couple of weeks – let’s see what I’m saying this time next week (especially as it looks as though Calv is likely to be at home with me by then!!)

I hope you’re all coping as well and finding plenty to do to occupy your time.

Above all, stay home, stay safe and call someone if you’re struggling (that includes me if you know me xx)

Until the next time xx

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