Days 20 & 21, 19th & 20th June. Relaxing..

We’ve travelled around quite a lot on this trip, and even when at a site we’ve been out and about most of the time.  So we’re going to just have a couple of days of chilling.

Day 20 is Sunday. Having been disappointed on arriving at this site yesterday we woke to the sunshine this morning and had a little walk around.  The public areas (pool, bar, shop) are actually really nice and we’re both feeling rather better.  I think we’ve both decided to stop thinking about moving and stay where we are.  The view’s beautiful too!

Although the menu in the restaurant doesn’t look too bad they only take cash (bit weird); as we have a special card which gives us the best exchange rate I prefer to use this anywhere where we might be spending a little more, except where you perhaps wouldn’t expect them to take cards.  This means we won’t be trying the restaurant.  We’re both a little bemused as to why they would have this policy in a place like this (it really isn’t small!) Continue reading “Days 20 & 21, 19th & 20th June. Relaxing..”


Days 17-19, 16th-18th June. Beach and moving days

Day 17, 16th June, started out sunny so we decided to go to the beach. I actually wanted to sit by the pool, but Calv wanted to cycle to the beach. He rarely states an opinion so when he does then that’s what we do! Even if I didn’t really like the look of parts of the cycle path (being on a busy road..) After a half enjoyable, half not, ride (on my part anyways) we arrived to find the market in full swing. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it but markets aren’t really my thing, and it stood between us and the beach!

We had to go round a few back roads to make it to the front (because the market was busy and I would probably have run someone over..!) It was pleasant enough, but the water was COLD. Continue reading “Days 17-19, 16th-18th June. Beach and moving days”

Day 16, Wednesday 15th June – Barcelona!

Firstly, apologies for being so behind, and apologies that there are no photos (for the moment).  The Wifi here, although free, is problematic (no doubt why it’s free…)

Today we got up at 6.15am (yes, 6.15am. Okay, no we didn’t – we TRIED to get up at 6.15, but didn’t manage to get up until 6.45; still stupidly early in our current life!)  We left the campsite before 7.30am for the 120 odd miles to Barcelona. We’d already identified where we were going to park (the Estacion Nord) and put the route into the hands of the SatNav (not always the best idea actually..)

After a pretty uneventful drive we made it to Barcelona.  The motorbike riders in this city are kamikaze!!  Continue reading “Day 16, Wednesday 15th June – Barcelona!”

Day 15 – Tuesday 14th June 2016. Barcelona??

Well, yes, we were meant to be going to Barcelona today. We had train tickets booked. We got to the station and parked in plenty of time. Avoided getting run over by the policeman, who was so pleased not to have scraped his car against the wall he was parked beside that he didn’t look to see if anyone was coming… and made it into the ticket hall. On checking the departure boards we couldn’t see our train, only 1 at 11.15 (ours was meant to be leaving at 10am, and we were booked on the 18.30 coming back). So we went and asked someone (not a policeman..)

Train cancelled – but you can use your ticket for the 11.15…. Continue reading “Day 15 – Tuesday 14th June 2016. Barcelona??”

Day 14 – Monday 13th June 2016. Moving..

Today we left Camping L’Arize (without a backward glance to be honest). We had already decided that we weren’t going to follow the motorway, but take the, more direct, D road instead. How much longer could it take??

Quite a lot longer as it happens! Once we’d passed through a couple of towns we hit mountain roads again. We were quite happy to be following a tanker most of the way as he was clearing the corners and overhanging rock for us (we also knew that we’d have no trouble going under said rock..). Continue reading “Day 14 – Monday 13th June 2016. Moving..”

Day 12 – Saturday 11th June. St Savin, Lac d’Estaing and en-route to La Bastide de Serou

Moving day again. However, we wanted to cycle down into St Savin before leaving; it’s the next village along from ours (Arcizans Avant) with a lovely little square (or traffic free for all – such as the traffic is…) and a big church (which turns out to be an abbey).

It’s actually quite a drop down into the village; in fact I was a little worried about making it back even with the motor! Continue reading “Day 12 – Saturday 11th June. St Savin, Lac d’Estaing and en-route to La Bastide de Serou”