Day 38 – The Last Post

A fitting title for this, my last post, as we spent our last day visiting the D-Day beaches in Normandy.  So also a very sobering day.  After all, if it wasn’t for such sacrifices we probably wouldn’t have been able to do what we’ve just done for almost 6 weeks.

As we drove through Bayeux on our way to Point du Hoc we noticed signs for the British Cemetery but decided to keep going and visit at the end of the day.  Little did we realise that it would be another 10 hours before we started heading back to the van, and we would be a long way from Bayeux by then! Continue reading “Day 38 – The Last Post”

Days 36-38, 5th-7th July. Paris & Versailles

We came back to Paris because we missed out on Versailles last time.  They’ve had floods here as well – the campsite is right on the Seine, near to the Racecourse (I was hoping to maybe take in a meet but it’s under major refurbishment – cranes everywhere!).  It’s also within sight of the Eiffel Tower which we never noticed last time we were here!

The reason we noticed this time was because we went out on our bikes on the 1st evening.  It looked like there was a proper cycle track on the other bank of the river in Suresnes; so off we set over the bridge to find it was on the other side of a busy road.  Continue reading “Days 36-38, 5th-7th July. Paris & Versailles”

Days 31 to 35, to 4th July – Relaxing & exploring Tournos


It was quite a long stint today up to Chalon sur Saone and a 4 night stay at Chateau D’Eperviere (a site that we’ve stayed at previously).  We’re mainly intending to relax here, as we need it!

This site has suffered 4 floods this year, 1 very recently, which meant that we couldn’t have the type of pitch that we prefer (on grass rather than a hardstanding).  We parked up so that we could get the sun in the morning and shade in the evening, but unfortunately this meant that we were facing our neighbours (not usually a massive problem) which they were clearly not happy with when they returned to their van – they proceeded to peg their towels up to create a barrier.  They even pegged the towels together to be sure!  Continue reading “Days 31 to 35, to 4th July – Relaxing & exploring Tournos”

Day 30, 29th June – The Ardeche – an unexpected bonus

I’m sorry, I know I’m behind (in fact I’m writing this at home 😦 )

As I have lots of other things to do this evening I’m afraid  I haven’t got time to actually write, so I thought I’d get some photos uploaded – now that we have proper WiFi!!

I will then revisit when time allows to fill in the gaps.

This day was our unexpected bonus in that we were expecting to move on to Chalon after just the 1 night, but once we’d arrived we realised we needed to stay for 1 more night.

See pics below (hopefully they offer their own explanation).

DSC_0261DSC_0267 Continue reading “Day 30, 29th June – The Ardeche – an unexpected bonus”

Days 28 & 29, 27th & 28th June. Last day at the beach and moving on

Our last full day in Agay dawned bright and sunny (we could get used to this – actually we already have!)  We’d already decided that we were going to go down to the beach for a few hours, and we managed to get there by shortly after 11.30am.  Instead of getting straight onto the beach we went into the Auberge de la Rade (which, to be fair, was immediately on the beach!) for a drink.  I also thought it was about time I tried the local delicacy – the Tarte Tropezienne.  This is a sweet treat (the best type of cookery we have experienced in France by far) which seems to be a cross between a cake, pastry & sweet bread with a sugary crust, and is filled with a cross between a custard and mousse. Continue reading “Days 28 & 29, 27th & 28th June. Last day at the beach and moving on”

Day 27, Sunday 26th June – Spot of shopping, Cascade de Pennafort, Callas & Claviers

I wanted to have a look in a couple of the shops on the seafront today. I ended up buying a hat (finally!), a bikini (of course) and a beach bag (my current one is very old, and far too small). I also bought one of those ‘under towel mat’ thingies for the beach. This is currently serving as a chair repair after Calv finally went through it! New chairs when we get home…

Shopping done we set out for a little town called Claviers, as recommended by the campsite, by way of the Cascade de Pennafort, as spotted by me on the map.

We got lucky by pulling off the road when I said to Calv that it must be close by. We’d stopped at a little viewpoint and it was just a quick trek through the bushes for the most amazing view! But there were people down there so we surmised that we must be able to get down ourselves somehow – scanning around we spotted a carpark, so off we set.

20160626_122838 Continue reading “Day 27, Sunday 26th June – Spot of shopping, Cascade de Pennafort, Callas & Claviers”

Days 25 & 26, Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June – Kayaking, Beach & relaxing

We were looking forward to going Kayaking today. Although we’d already decided where to hire our kayak, we’d also spotted another sign further down the beach on the way out of Agay (towards Antheon) about hiring Kayaks, paddles etc. so thought it a good plan to have a quick look at them too. It took us a while to find (the signs often give no warning; it just suddenly appears round a corner, and it’s right there – no time to anchor on the brakes and swerve into it!) We eventually found it again, and hiked down to the private beach and then back on ourselves to locate the actual spot – there weren’t many kayaks on display, couldn’t see any life-jackets or anybody to ask. I didn’t have a great feeling and we decided to head back to the 1st place – never mind, it all contributes towards my steps!

At the 1st place we hired 2 single kayaks for 9 euros each for an hour (although he let us have them for 2 hours for the same price). He told us where to head and off we went.

Now I’ve kayaked twice – once when I did an introductory course at Hilsea Lido (bought on Groupon), and the 2nd time, a couple of years ago, in our 2 seater kayak (with backrests) on the Hamble with Calv (the weather was never good enough when we were free last year..) Continue reading “Days 25 & 26, Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June – Kayaking, Beach & relaxing”