Preparations Continue…

I had my final day at work last Friday (although I’m returning for the Christmas Do next week) and would like to thank everyone involved for my pressies, pancakes, sprinkles and drinks.  I will miss you all 🙂

There is a definite problem when you finish work and have no looming deadlines to work towards – lack of motivation.  So I find myself with tons to do really but lacking the motivation to do anything much!

So instead of having a lovely, tidy, shiny, clean as a button house I’m sat here staring at piles of ironing and thinking about all the sorting out I still have to, somehow, motivate myself to get on with, the presents I’ve still to wrap and the cards I’ve still to write.  It will happen, of course – when I am at risk of running out of time!

What we have done though is a lot of shopping (in fact I’ve nearly finished my Christmas shopping now), but I’ve had to force myself to write some cards this afternoon – and I was only able to do that by getting Calv to wrap some presents at the some time.  (Made me feel better and he wraps much better than me anyway – he has more patience).

With my Christmas preparations almost complete then (!) how are we doing on preparations for our trip??! Continue reading “Preparations Continue…”