Week 1 – Progress on Moving :)

I’m classing this week just gone as Week 1 of my running journey (yes, I’m really calling it a journey!)  This is despite the fact that I actually had my 1st foray about 6 weeks ago when we were in nice flat Lincolnshire.  I actually performed better then than anything I’ve managed this week (although not much to be fair – 1.47miles in 21 minutes and 26 seconds).

So, in my 1st official week of ‘training’ I’ve managed 3 runs (shuffles), the latter 2 have seen a bit of uphill action and an injury!

Details then – Run No. 1; Monday 28th August – From Orchard Farm Campsite along Drift Lane.  Having checked out the route the previous morning I walked from the van down to the start of the lane, I managed to run all the way along the lane, up the bridle path to the point where it becomes a footpath, before I had to have a bit of a walk!  I did run probably half of the way back as well (although I found it quite hard work).  My results were 1.52 miles in 23mins 9secs.  Total ascent for this one was .04miles, gaining 53ft – flat then 🙂

I also cycled 13 miles on this day 🙂

Run No. 2; Thursday 31st August – from Teversal Camping & Caravanning Site in the Silverhill Trails.  (Route vaguely checked the evening before when we walked and went up to the viewpoint with the sculpture of a miner).

For my run I walked up to the trail and started running at the point where it starts to circle the mound.  What I didn’t realise is that it isn’t flat…  This time I ascended for .15miles gaining 114ft.  At the top of my ascent though I had to actually stop and take my shoe off as I was in pain!  It turns out that I should have cut my toenails before I left…  I have funny toes and couldn’t work out which was causing the problem – there was blood all over 1 toe but the other seemed to be the one that was hurting (I did eventually work it out – a day later!)

Anyway there wasn’t much I could do so I ran back as much as I could (I’m not good with pain, especially not in the foot area – please don’t judge me!)  I still improved my time though: the same distance as on Monday in a time of 23mins 4 secs.  I know it’s only 3 seconds but it matters when you’re at this stage!  I also improved my best pace from 14m45s for the first mile to 14m26s.

Run No. 3; Sunday 3rd September – Grantchester Caravan & Camping Site, Skelton, York.  There is a cycle track along the River Ouse here starting just 200m from the site entrance.  The previous day we walked a couple of miles along this cycle track to the Park & Ride to catch the bus into York, so I had an idea of what to expect.

I decided to run out for 4 songs and back for 4.  In the event I turned round at 3 1/2 (as they were long tracks!)  The camber was a bit off so I had to keep moving across the track to try to find a fairly flat bit of path; I ascended this time for .11mile gaining 91ft.
I did my 1.52 miles in 22mins23secs (happy with that) and covered a total of 1.73 miles this time in 26mins13secs 🙂  I improved my best pace to 13mins56secs for the 1st mile.   I ran further without stopping and struggled to keep this going towards the end, hence the significant slow down at the end.   I will be following this same route again before we leave here so will be interested to see how I get on – can I improve my time again??  I do hope so.

My next target will be to slow down a little to try to run that bit further – it would be nice to think that I could extend my distance up to 2 miles in total.

I know it’s not much, but it’s a start and as long as I keep moving perhaps I will manage that 3 miles that I’m aiming for before November 🙂


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