Weeks 4 – Occasionally enjoying this..!

Week 4 found us at a site north of Corbridge very close to Hadrian’s Wall.  One of the 1st things I now look for when we arrive at a site is where I’ll be able to run.  Here there was a decent length of track down to the campsite (and the farm beyond); there was also potential on the site itself where I could do a couple of laps.  I measured it out and found it was just shy of 1/4 mile doing a figure of 8 around it.

Calv suggested I just use this bit but I thought it would be really boring!  So my route would take in the farm lane back to the main road.

Details then – Run No. 1; Tuesday 19th September – I just did 1 lap of the site followed by running up to the main road, where I turned right and ran for a few minutes (it wasn’t very busy at all – I think the farm lane was actually busier!)  I took a rest when I got back to the top of the lane – but I didn’t walk at all – 30 seconds and I was on my way, back down the lane, and then a 2nd pass up and down the lane, although I stopped slightly short of the entrance to the site.  I’d upped my pace a little managing an average of 4.4mph over 1.06 miles (14 mins 32 secs)

Run No. 2; Friday 22nd September- Sort of the same route except this time I headed towards the farm first before heading up towards the main road.  I also ran a loop of half the site when I got back.  I improved to 4.5mph average and managed 1.22 miles in 16mins 6 secs.

Run No. 3; Sunday 24th September – I added an additional loop in this time before leaving the site.  I managed exactly 1.5 miles in 20 mins 7 secs! 🙂 I was very happy with this!

Our next move was back towards the seaside to Ashington near Morpeth, still Northumbria.