Review of Camping Savinan

Worst Campsite we’ve EVER been to – not surprised we were the only people there…

Well, to be fair, it is January and it really is in the middle of nowhere.

However. There’s not really much else to be said in its favour.

First of all, the welcome wasn’t particularly warm.

The site is shabby. From my recollection the website pictures make it look lovely, but we would take a guess that they are some years out of date….

We had to ring the bell and wait at least 5 minutes for the woman to appear. There are ACSI signs up on the wall of the reception but they don’t actually take it, and it cost us 28Euros for 2 people, 6amps electricity (more on THAT later) and our pitch. When I got out my credit card to pay she managed some English – not possible. Cash only! Not only a lukewarm reception but a massively overpriced site (worth about 15 euros tops).

Obviously being January nothing was open – the bar, swimming pool or tennis court.

Less obviously, the water fountains don’t work and it was a right palava filling up with water. We asked the old guy (whose main job seemed to be driving up and down the road through the site – no idea why) for water. ‘Donde es aqua?’ I said. He took us to the waste water disposal point (which we’d already found). Eventually he took us to the water (which was in no way signed and was a tap in the chemical disposal room). He then got his hose instead of just leaving us to get on with it! All the while he’s yabbering away in Spanish (fair enough – he is Spanish!) but it was clear we didn’t understand a word (well I can get the odd word but not the whole context when someone’s talking nineteen to the dozen in a foreign language). I did manage to make some conversation with him but very little.

We pitched up, plugged in and popped the kettle on. No electric. Moved into another socket – yay electric. For a while. We managed to boil the kettle just once, any other time it tripped out. We were only trying to boil the kettle – we had nothing else going! 4 times it tripped out before we gave up, and they charge extra for electricity.

The toilets and showers – Clean enough and plentiful. Toilet paper is provided, but not in the cubicles. There are 2 dispensers outside of the cubicles so you have to collect it before you go in… Calv used the showers and he said he struggled to get hot water and nearly gave up. Also there were a couple of hooks outside the shower and 1 inside for your stuff. Having the towel in the shower with you means it gets soaked. Nowhere for soap etc either.

We didn’t get a particularly good night’s sleep, possibly due to the fact that we hated the site. We couldn’t wait to leave in the morning. We forgot about breakfast, preferring to stop on the way, and left at 8.45. To put this into context we think we’ve left early if we’re on our way by 10.30….

Perhaps this is a good site for people in tents (proper campers?!) and hikers etc. but definitely not suitable for caravanners and motorhomers. We would suggest giving Camping Savinan a very wide berth (unless you have no choice).


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