The Running Diaries of a novice, overweight, almost 50 year old…..

I used to run.  At school I was a sprinter; good enough to make it into the sprint relay team.  I didn’t fully understand the mechanics though – I once tried to sprint 400m…  I swear I thought I wasn’t going to survive the experience!

Anyway, I have now vocalised – to more than 2 people this time – my intention to run the Fareham Parkrun when we return from our travels.  On the 2nd Saturday after we return to be exact.

I already have my barcode, as I intended to do the parkrun before we left in January.  This didn’t quite happen despite the gentle encouragement of Jo from work.

I have to do it this time though Jo – I’ve told my 2 running sisters and they are definitely NOT going to let me get away with it!!

Also, when I said to Calv that he could do it too he just laughed and me.  When my sister suggested the same thing it suddenly became a big challenge, and he is clearly going to beat me (according to him anyway)…..   We’ll see about that!

So under this menu heading you will see me recounting my ‘running’ exploits as I attempt to get myself ready for this big event in my life.  Yes I know 3 miles isn’t very far if you’re already a runner but, trust me, it feels like a very big mountain to climb for me at the moment.

I will do it though.  Your encouragement might help 🙂