Weeks 5 & 6 – Some minor frustrations :(

At the beginning of week 5 we were at a site near Morpeth which had a nice long drive – up and down was 1/3 mile 🙂  The main road at the top wasn’t too busy, but it was a little worrying that it could be, and this included lorries etc.

I only actually managed 1 run here, mainly due to the weather, which was very foggy and a little wet at times.  My 2nd run of the week was when we arrived at our next site, here at Holy Island.  The drive down to this site is even longer at almost 3/4 mile!  Very potholey though, so difficult to run when it’s wet.

Details then – Run No. 1; Thursday 28th September.  Up to the top of the drive and right onto the main road and back again.  I didn’t manage to get very far unfortunately, but I did manage to significantly up my pace 🙂 I did .77 miles in 9 mins 46 secs at 4.8mph average.  No wonder I couldn’t go any further!

Run No. 2; Saturday 30th September.  At our latest site and using the long lane down to the farm.  I made it nearly all the way down to the road before having to stop and then turn back.  1.15miles in 14 mins 56 secs averaging 4.6mph.

I felt really good after this run and couldn’t wait to get back out there.  Unfortunately events conspired again to stop me running for most of the week, but I’m really hoping to get back out tomorrow before we leave for Scotland 🙂