Day 9, Wednesday 8th June – En-route from Ares to Lourdes

Wednesday and we’re on the move again.  We’ve got just over 130 miles to cover this time.  When we’re on the move we pull the spare duvet down from the bed over the cab, it acts like a curtain to minimise the noise from the van – it works really well!  It just means that if I really need the loo when we can’t stop I have to crawl under it on the way to the loo!

We got a bit further this time before stopping at a little village that we liked the look of, Moustey.  We thought we weren’t going to be able to stop, but just through the village we found a lay-by and walked back.  It was about 12.30 and as we hadn’t managed to have any breakfast we decided to eat in a little auberge we found – Le Haut Landais (this is the 1st time we’ve been this brave!)  They had a set menu and we eventually managed to get across that we only wanted 1 course, which was sautéed veal with taglietelle and seasonal veg (pan-fried broccoli).  It was a lovely setting and a lovely meal (although mine was quite fatty, Calv polished the lot off).  There was also a couple of baby birds in the tree right beside us – we think they were doves.

The village had a street called ‘La Place des deux eglises’ – they were 2 ancient churches right next to each other (1 shown above – my photos haven’t all uploaded yet, they’ll go into the gallery when they eventually do).  They’d started work on renovating them just 2 days before.

Talking of which we see so many derelict buildings, some actually falling down.  It’s such a shame…

Also up to this point we’d seen a huge amount of statuary (religious) by the side of the road.  There’s much less as we go further south, and what we do see appears to be mostly crosses & crucifixes.

We weren’t so late to arrive at our campsite this time.  Going through these little tiny villages I get so stressed as a passenger (I try to keep it to myself…) I would never be able to drive it – Calv is brilliant, he just takes it 1 issue at a time and, so far, we’ve had no problems!  Just the normal – seeing all the French taking a great interest in our get up – pointing, staring etc.!!

This campsite is delightful (although unfortunately the swimming pool doesn’t open until next week).  All the campers, tents & motorhomes (err, actually that will be just us then..) are British, and then there are French and Dutch mainly in the chalets.  Although apparently there was a New Zealander last week (we got chatting to our nearest neighbours – in fact we sat and drank with them for the last 2 nights).  The staff are so friendly as well – and they have Maxibon in the shop!! (It’s an ice-cream in case you’re wondering)

There’s a red kite regularly circles above us and a deer that comes out in the field in front of us in the morning and evening.

It is steaming hot at the moment here and the views are absolutely breath-taking.  We can’t wait to get out to explore tomorrow 🙂


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