Discovering Winchelsea & the Enchanting Scotney Castle

Wednesday started as a quiet, do nothing kind of day.  By the time we’d had our lunch though we were getting restless, so we decided to go for a cycle ride around Rye Harbour.


This was, sort of, a success…  We lost each other when Calv went off ahead and I couldn’t see what way he’d gone!  Never mind we found each other eventually and I still did 8 miles (and took the photo above – we spent the ride trying to stay ahead of the black raincloud!)

Before getting back in the car we popped into the bar of the Rye Harbour Holiday Park for a cuppa (coffee for Calv and hot chocolate for me), where we chatted with the bar manager who gave us some local snippets about Winchelsea Beach and Winchelsea itself.  Winchelsea is often referred to as the smallest town in England, as it has a school, shop, church, town hall and mayor (although it seems this is purely a ceremonial post).

Armed with this new information we headed for Winchelsea to explore further. Continue reading “Discovering Winchelsea & the Enchanting Scotney Castle”