A visit to Kings Lynn, then finding the Star of the Show – Castle Rising

I had seen a leaflet that made me think we really should visit Kings Lynn.  Unfortunately our first impressions weren’t brilliant, which then clouded our overall impressions.  The town centre was the first area that we really saw, sprawled over a large area of interconnecting streets it’s not the most inspiring town centre I’ve ever seen…

We eventually found the mediaeval area, the Minster, the Guildhall and the riverside.  These definitely had their charms but, unfortunately, were unable to hold our attention.  We think that, perhaps, if we’d managed to park by the riverside we would have been more inclined to explore more thoroughly – for instance I later found out that True’s Yard (Fisherfolk Museum) looked to be worth visiting. as well as ‘The Tales of Lynn’ situated next to the Guildhall.  Maybe another time….

As it was we had a quick drink by the river in the Marriott’s Warehouse and then headed back to the town centre to get our hair cut (the morning wasn’t a complete waste of time!)  To be fair having made an appointment when we arrived this probably affected our view of the town as we didn’t have time to really engage in anything.

I had seen a glimpse of a castle from the road on our way to town, and on seeing the sign for Castle Rising we diverted to go to have a look.

This is one of our best impulse visits so far 🙂 Castle Rising is totally enchanting. Continue reading “A visit to Kings Lynn, then finding the Star of the Show – Castle Rising”