Our 1st day back in the North York Moors – a day on the coast

We arrived back in the North York Moors fresh from falling in love with the Yorkshire Dales.  We found ourselves in a place called Great Ayton which turned out to have strong links to Captain James Cook, celebrated 18th century explorer, owing to the fact that he went to school here and lived nearby.

Our campsite was a working farm at the end of a lane, as so many of the best ones have been on this trip!  We spent the 1st afternoon settling in and the 2nd day was set aside to visit the coast.

After Guisborough we headed down one of the roads across the moors before heading across to Runswick Bay, which is just north of Whitby.  We headed down the, really very steep, road to the bay itself looking for parking that didn’t involved having to climb back up this road!  Massive fail…  That’s not to say there wasn’t parking; there was; however we weren’t happy with the cost of £2 per hour (parking could easily be our biggest cost on this trip), so we went back up to the top (I wasn’t entirely sure that the little white car would make it!) and parked for free.

Steps have been provided on the hill to make the walk up easier.  They were very shallow though which was a little awkward walking down, although still easier than walking down the slope!)  On the way back up though they were an absolute godsend!

The main photo shows the view of the bay from about halfway down.  There is a lovely sandy beach, a pub, a café, walks and many places to stay 🙂  You will find a charming cluster of houses on the edge of this steep hillside.  The village was originally sited a little further north, but had to be rebuilt in it’s current location due to a rock fall.  Erosion is still an issue but these days there are more sea defences.

Another thing to note is that there is a lifeboat but it’s not RNLI Continue reading “Our 1st day back in the North York Moors – a day on the coast”