Day 15 – Tuesday 14th June 2016. Barcelona??

Well, yes, we were meant to be going to Barcelona today. We had train tickets booked. We got to the station and parked in plenty of time. Avoided getting run over by the policeman, who was so pleased not to have scraped his car against the wall he was parked beside that he didn’t look to see if anyone was coming… and made it into the ticket hall. On checking the departure boards we couldn’t see our train, only 1 at 11.15 (ours was meant to be leaving at 10am, and we were booked on the 18.30 coming back). So we went and asked someone (not a policeman..)

Train cancelled – but you can use your ticket for the 11.15…. Continue reading “Day 15 – Tuesday 14th June 2016. Barcelona??”


Day 14 – Monday 13th June 2016. Moving..

Today we left Camping L’Arize (without a backward glance to be honest). We had already decided that we weren’t going to follow the motorway, but take the, more direct, D road instead. How much longer could it take??

Quite a lot longer as it happens! Once we’d passed through a couple of towns we hit mountain roads again. We were quite happy to be following a tanker most of the way as he was clearing the corners and overhanging rock for us (we also knew that we’d have no trouble going under said rock..). Continue reading “Day 14 – Monday 13th June 2016. Moving..”