Discovering the delights of North Kent. Canterbury, Herne Bay & Whitstable

,Neither of us is actually too well this week.  Calv doesn’t seem to have shifted the cold he caught whilst in Ibiza, and I have definitely now caught it.

Despite this though we have loved our time back in Kent 🙂

We didn’t book anything before arriving but had a couple of sites in mind.  Arriving at the 1st, at the end of a long narrow lane, we found the site deserted and nobody around or answering the phone.  As there was nothing really giving us any reason to be desperate to stay we headed back to our 2nd choice, Hampton Bay, here in Herne Bay.  The SatNav took us  to the wrong place (into a private housing estate with very narrow, unadopted roads – not suitable really for the van – we had already unhooked the car, luckily).  So we asked a postman who pointed us in the right direction and off we set (just in the van).  What a lovely find!  (I will be posting a review later).

Once settled we walked back to collect the car, and ended up exploring along the Herne seafront.  Debbie, I found this picture of Edmund Reid (Whitechapel) – I didn’t realise he was real!!  It looks like he retired to Herne Bay 🙂


The main photo is of one of the pebble, driftwood and shell sculptures that we found further up the promenade – they were really rather lovely.

We continued up the coast towards the towers that we had seen from the main road.  Continue reading “Discovering the delights of North Kent. Canterbury, Herne Bay & Whitstable”

Back in the UK – home and then a return to Kent.

I was really surprised to feel so at home when we stepped back into the van after flying in from Ibiza.  It just goes to show how comfortable we are in the van.  This is something that we don’t think people understand – we constantly have, very kind, offers of a room when we’re in home territory, as everyone seems to think we might like a break from the van.  It’s very sweet of you to offer but we really are very happy and comfortable thank you (and we’ll soon ask if we want a room!!)

We were quite busy over the weekend, including helping our friends out so that they could stay on the same site as us on Saturday night.  They had a courtesy car without a towbar so we towed their caravan for them…

Yes – we did get some looks!!  (We didn’t, of course, use the little car on the road – that would be illegal..)

After a night out on Saturday we had a long lie-in which was desperately needed due to our self-inflicted ‘tiredness’.

On Tuesday we set off again for Herne Bay.  However, the beauty of having no particular plans (i.e. bookings) is that you can change your mind whenever you want.  In this case it was when we saw that Steve & Denise, who we had met in Spain, had finally returned to the UK and were staying overnight at a Caravan Club site on our route.

So we diverted to Bearstead, having asked if they minded of course… However their wifi was hit and miss so they didn’t get my message.  When Denise replied to say ‘yes, of course, where are you?’ I answered – ‘In reception!’ Continue reading “Back in the UK – home and then a return to Kent.”