Sandwich – another revelation :)

We wanted to link back up to where we’d managed to get to on our 1st leg to Kent – we’d made it as far as Walmer Castle, so we were now aiming for Deal via Sandwich.  Originally we were also intending to pass through Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate, but having been told ‘not to bother’ we decided to start with Sandwich and see if we had time for the rest at the end of the day.  A good decision as it turns out!

On the way to Sandwich we detoured to have a quick look at St Augustines Cross (see main picture), near Minster.  This is said to be the spot where the monk Augustine met with the English king Aethelbert in AD 597 and preached his 1st sermon on English soil.  The cross itself though only dates back to 1884.

We then continued on towards Sandwich, Continue reading “Sandwich – another revelation :)”