Day 23, Wednesday 22nd June. Beach and the Massif

Time for a bit of an actual holiday today – meaning we did very little.  (The image above is of the baby swifts as I don’t think we took any photos on the camera – and I still can’t get any of my phone photos to back up).

We’re finding it a struggle to be ready to leave the van before 11am as we’re so chilled out now.  This morning (what was left of it) we chose to head down to Agay beach.

By the time we’d found a parking space and parked up time was already getting on.  We went for a bit of a wander and found a place where you could hire kayaks, paddle boards, windsurfers etc.  We didn’t bring our kayak, so knowing we can hire 1 for a reasonable price is good – thinking we’ll do that on Friday. Continue reading “Day 23, Wednesday 22nd June. Beach and the Massif”