Southsea, Old Portsmouth, Gunwharf and Fort Nelson – all ‘Right on our Doorstep’

Before I catch up with posts for the last month or so of our travels I have to re-iterate how we often miss out on what’s right on our doorstep.

We are going to try to make sure we put this right over the coming months (whilst we’re at home), and we started last week when our fellow campers, Steve and Denise, stopped with us in Nutbourne before heading off to Spain for the winter (just a bit jealous..)

Anyway, we decided to take them to Portsmouth on the Monday, well Southsea.  We drove in from the Eastney end so they got the full view of the sea – all the way from Farlington Marshes and down the Eastern Road.  It’s an aspect of Portsmouth that I believe is sadly neglected, unless you  happen to live up that end of course!

We passed the old military barracks – now residential but housing the Royal Marines Museum as well, the beach huts, canoe lake, the putting green (and the Tenth Hole where we intended to eat cake, but sadly ran out of time) and the model village.

Moving on we passed the bowling green, D-Day museum (which seems to be in the process of being refurbished), the Pyramids centre (swimming and nightlife) and, of course, Southsea Castle (free to visit from March to October), the castle field and the bandstand.  This is such an amazing area and holds so many fantastic memories for me.  I used to take my boys to the castle regularly (as well as Fort Nelson ‘up on the hill’).

Castle Field stretches my memory further back in time to when Radio 1 Roadshows were all the rage,

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