Mick’s Monster Burgers – First Timer

Today, for the very first time, I have had a Mick’s Monster Burger from the van up on Portsdown Hill.

This famous Portsmouth landmark (famous in Portsmouth anyway) sits in a decent sized car park/viewing point on Portsdown Hill overlooking Portsmouth (fabulous views to be had).  It lies just passed The Churchillian pub (or just before depending on which way you’re travelling of course).  There is also usually an ice-cream van in the car park

Open 24/7 it was even busy today which is dreary and wet – we still had to queue.  Although the queue was never less than 5 people in the time we were there, it did move quickly.  And even today we saw people with an ice cream (that’s usually us to be fair!)

In such an environment there were scores of gulls flying around pouncing on any discarded food!  Sat safely in the car they didn’t bother us at all though 🙂

Most amusing though was when we saw a group of 4 or 5 Japanese tourists turn up; and yes, they were taking photos of the burger van and selfies!  Brilliant 🙂

So the big question, of course, is ‘Did I have an actual monster burger?!’  The answer is no – of course not; the monster burgers contain a 1lb burger together with any extras you choose.  We opted for the small 1/4 pounder – I had cheese and mushroom, Calv cheese and bacon and Sam, a chilli relish.  Sam also ordered small chips, which were more than enough for all 3 of us.

I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy my food so much; the bread was fresh, the burger wasn’t greasy and the chips were cooked fresh to order (and were lush).

I’m not going to say we’ll be rushing back every week, BUT we would if we were regular burger van visitors!

Just as an aside I did used to like to think that the song “What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster” by The Automatic was written about Mick’s Monster Burgers….   It turns out it’s not!  Shame….