Onto the Lake District via Gretna Green :)

Heading back into England from Scotland we, of course, had to go via Gretna Green, just off the M74 motorway, if only to wind up our friends and family (it worked!)

We didn’t park in the available car parks (although it turned out that we could have, I’m not sure what the situation would have been in high season), choosing instead to drive on by and stop in a lay-by a mile or so further on, unhooking the small car and driving back.

To be honest Gretna now appears to be one big money making opportunity which I wouldn’t really recommend visiting (unless you’re passing close by or actually running away to get married that is 🙂 )

There are a few, overpriced, shops, a couple of eateries, a courtship maze (which was quite good) and the Gretna Green Story museum (which is very thorough for £3.75 each and I did enjoy wandering around it).

‘The Courtship Maze’ starts with each couple going their separate ways on entering only to meet in the middle, with several ‘kissing points’ cut into the hedges on the way.  Quite good fun.  There’s also a bridge filled with lovers padlocks to walk over.


Continuing on to our destination in the Lake District luckily we were arriving during a break in the recent bad weather.  We were both blown away by the scenery.  Almost a rival to the Yorkshire Dales 🙂  Continue reading “Onto the Lake District via Gretna Green :)”