Days 20 & 21, 19th & 20th June. Relaxing..

We’ve travelled around quite a lot on this trip, and even when at a site we’ve been out and about most of the time.  So we’re going to just have a couple of days of chilling.

Day 20 is Sunday. Having been disappointed on arriving at this site yesterday we woke to the sunshine this morning and had a little walk around.  The public areas (pool, bar, shop) are actually really nice and we’re both feeling rather better.  I think we’ve both decided to stop thinking about moving and stay where we are.  The view’s beautiful too!

Although the menu in the restaurant doesn’t look too bad they only take cash (bit weird); as we have a special card which gives us the best exchange rate I prefer to use this anywhere where we might be spending a little more, except where you perhaps wouldn’t expect them to take cards.  This means we won’t be trying the restaurant.  We’re both a little bemused as to why they would have this policy in a place like this (it really isn’t small!)

Morning 1 then, we got up late (8.30am is late for us – I think we might even have lain in past 9!!), pottered around for a bit and then decided to pootle down to the seafront and have a little look.  We knew it was going to rain from early afternoon so headed along the coast road to Frejus, taking in St Raphael on the way.  Both areas were busy with much more going on than in Agay (we prefer Agay 🙂 ) In the resorts the traffic is really busy.  The best looking beach in Frejus appears to be the one past the harbour – there was a jetski competition going on here today.  I don’t know what they did when the rain started to really come down!  We headed into the town centre to try to find some of the Roman remains.

We found the odd wall, just standing by the side of the road…  We also found the archaeological museum – which was handy as it had really started to rain hard at this point!  It was pretty dead in the centre, and having sheltered for a while – under trees, canopies, wherever we could really – we decided to head back as it was proving difficult to find the sites, and the rain wasn’t exactly making it easy to just wander.

We managed to find our way back to the site (having driven past it again, just like we did when we first arrived.  It’s much easier to turn round when you’re in the car though – in the van we had to go all the way down to the seafront to go round the roundabout).

In the evening we had a proper wander around the site (which is very steep – we’re glad we’re not in one of the statics!)  We found the minigolf, tennis courts & petanque – vowed to use all of them, never did (it was far too hot for that sort of malarkey).  Then a quick stop in the bar (rude not to).  Sitting outside we found ourselves in front of a nest of baby swallows in the eaves – 5 babies in there and I promise to post photos when we can (it’s now a week later and they’ve all flown the nest 🙂 )

On Monday we again got up late, and chose to spend some time at the pool.  Calv finally got to wear his Daniel Craigs!  It’s very busy by the pool, but a nice warm pool.  This is the day that we accidently creamed up with After Sun and then wondered why we were a little sunburnt – of course it was all my fault…!!


In the afternoon we thought we’d better go shopping.  We found an E Leclerc (which is apparently the equivalent of Waitrose at home) which is definitely the best supermarket that we’ve used so far, with a much better choice of produce (still no British produce to be found though, apart from the end of 1 aisle with Heinz tomato sauce and salad cream, and  things like sandwich spread!  1 item of produce they should definitely be stocking is English strawberries – their offerings are not a patch.

They also sell these massive meringues (they call them ‘pillow meringues’).  They look lovely, but they are just a mass of hard meringue, no cream, no nice gooey bit in the middle.  I managed to eat a whole one (no idea how), the 2nd one is still outside waiting for the ants to take a proper interest in it!

As we left the police had arrived and had someone on the floor – exciting!

Again, we managed to find our way back to the site. Again we drove past it….  We’ll get there I’m sure 🙂

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing followed by toad in the hole again for tea 🙂

Last night we saw deer in the forest behind the site.  Tonight Calv thought he heard grunting – it was a family of wild boar(although he initially said he thought that I’d fallen asleep)!  There were 3 or 4 adults, plus 3 or 4 juveniles and 2 little babies.  We just stood watching for ages.  Amazing 🙂

My next post will be about Cannes, and Monaco will follow soon after 🙂

Love to everybody xxx


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