Thursday 23rd- a rainy day on the Costa del Sol

We knew it was going to rain today and had already decided to visit La Canada, a Centro Commercial near to Marbella.  Not that we’re really into shopping – we just wanted to have a look really.

The centre is situated at the point where the A7 and AP7 converge – you head onto the road towards Ojen and come straight to the entrance.  It’s very impressive, and new, and very much aimed at the British.  Having said that amongst the well known British High Street names there are plenty of Spanish stores.  It is a bit expensive though in some stores.

I did buy a top in H&M and we got a few bits in the, small but perfectly formed, M&S Food ‘Hall’ (Hall is pushing it a bit…)

Calv did have a couple of complaints though.  The workmanship (this is a recurring theme) and the fact that the female cleaner had no qualms about mopping around the urinals whilst they were in use!

We’d also decided to go on a little drive up into the mountains culminating, hopefully, in a visit to Mijas Pueblo, one of the whitewashed villages in the hills above the resorts.

So we headed off towards Ojen on what turned out to be a really good road.  We stopped at a viewpoint above Ojen itself, which afforded rather lovely views, despite the murky conditions.

dsc_0001As we continued we saw a sign for something off to the left, on a small rural road going even further up into the mountains.  Up we went thinking it was towards a viewpoint.  This was a proper steep, windy mountain road – I was nervous just sitting in the passenger seat!  And Spanish drivers take no prisoners on these roads, meaning they don’t move over at all – they just drive straight at you.  Even if you’re on the edge of the mountain…

Anyway after about 5 miles we came across a hidden away hotel/restaurant and a sign pointing further up the mountain.

At this point the road ceased to be a road and became a track.  A very rough track with lots of deeps holes.  We were now surrounded by trees though and the scenery was lovely.  We came to a slight clearing where there was some sort of stone ‘monument’, so we stopped for a look.  It appeared to be some sort of construction to direct water down the mountain.

Back in the car we found just about 100m further on a parking place and the start of a walk to viewpoints.  Unfortunately we weren’t dressed properly, again.  This time Calv just had normal shoes on and I had forgotten that the reason we were going out at all was because it was going to rain.  So I’d left my wet top back in the van.  And at this point it started to rain properly.

We are definitely coming back though to do the walk.  Probably on Sunday before going for our Sunday Roast in Alberts 🙂

We carried on along the main road towards Monda and then Coin.  Just outside of Coin we saw this folly (we don’t actually know what it is); again we will probably come back to see this in more detail when the weather improves.


We finally made it to Mijas Puebla, or so we thought.  There were a lot of cars parked up in the area and we could see why.  There was a road completely dug up; as it turns out this must have been the main road into Mijas Puebla.  As we didn’t really know where we were going we kept driving until we were crossing the AP7.  Looking back we could see the town nestled in the side of the mountain.  I don’t think we’ll try again though as I’ve found a couple of other places to visit when we go to Nerja, maybe on Saturday.

NB: Don’t get mixed up between Mijas and Mijas Puebla.  Mijas is a big resort on the coast and Mijas Puebla is up in the mountains.

We did manage to get a little lost again then just trying to find the A7 to come back to the van.  We thought it would be difficult to go wrong, but if it’s at all possible we’ll always find a way!  And by this point we were getting really hungry as it was getting on for 4pm and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

We did find Dona Lola though Elaine/Chris!

Tomorrow the weather is meant to be full sun and warm, so we’re hoping to spend some time on the beach.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  Or not!!  (I hope nobody was too badly affected by Storm Doris btw xxx)




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