Friday 24th Feb 2017 – Sun at last?:)

I’ve woken up this morning, and for some reason gone back and looked back at a couple of my posts from last year – namely those in the Pyrenees, a spot we adored and will most definitely visit again. Day 10 – Thursday 9th June. The Pyrenees – wow! Day 11 – Friday 10th June 2015. Gavarnie.

These 2 posts really took me back and made me realise that I cannot wait to return!

Today sun is forecast, and so far it’s delivering, so, after popping a wash on and getting it out on the line we’re intending to spend some time down on the beach.  Calv is currently on the roof cleaning off the skylights.  The rain at times brings with it the desert sands and leaves a red tinge on everything – it’s quite bizarre.

Having seen cats on leads during our travels we thought we’d seen it all, but a couple of days ago Calv spotted this at a van, a British van, a couple of rows up from us:-

Yes – it really is a rabbit on a lead!  This lady is travelling with her 2 young kids and has been on the move for a few months.  They didn’t want to leave the bunny, or the hamster, behind so this was the solution.  I guess that’s why the cats were on leads too – they’d only run away wouldn’t they?

It’s Sunday now and we didn’t quite make it down to the beach on Friday after all – mainly because we couldn’t be bothered to move and were happy sitting outside the van.  Some neighbours joined us, when they got back from the beach, for a few drinks….  Dinner was foregone and replaced by crisps, chocolates, biscuits and bacon butties.  I think somebody was eating olives too…  I think we all had a whale of a time….but most of us regretted it in the morning!

I have found a video that I took and was threatening to put on facebook, but as it features me singing as well as Calv (King of the Road!), and is all a bit dark and wobbly, I think I’ll keep that one to myself!

After 2 stalled attempts to get up yesterday morning I finally emerged about 11am.  We decided to stick to our plans and headed off down the road to Nerja.  We knew it was a fair way, but it seemed to be even further!

Nerja is a very popular, but slightly lower key, resort some way past Malaga (to the East that is).  It is characterised by narrow streets and fewer high rises than you see elsewhere on the Costas.  There are several beaches – of those we saw we liked the 1st one, Playa Calahonda best.  If you keep walking to the end of the beach you’ll find a way through to a couple of little coves where there are fewer people.  There was also a building nestled into the cliff and a completely abandoned café/bar (we think that there might have been a group of hippies that we saw on the beach living in there though..)

On one of the other beaches (in the next photo) there appeared to be like a little shanty town sprung up at the back of it!


Anyway it was all very pleasant.  We had taken the precaution when we left the car park to note a couple of landmarks to help us find our way back – we should have taken a bit more notice as we managed to walk in a big circle to get back there (in other words we were completely lost!)  Think of your steps says Calv – all very well but my fitbit has given up the ghost and I’m waiting for the replacement to be delivered 🙂

We decided to visit Frigiliana which I had spotted on the map.  It’s one of the typical whitewashed pueblos up in the mountains – this one has a castle though and amazing views.  We went on the little train, just to see the views really as the commentary was in Spanish and I understood about 12 words of it!  But a very pretty town with a number of eateries and a museum that you can visit (near the Tourist Information centre).  On leaving there we headed further up into the mountains.

I had also read about a place called El Acebuchal near Frigiliana.  It’s a small village that was evacuated during the civil war (a bit like Tyneham village in Dorset).  But here one of the residents decided to move back in at the beginning of this century and has rebuilt much of the village.  Apparently there’s still little in the way of services.  Anyway we missed a turning so we missed out on seeing it.

But it’s always good to go off the beaten track as you see other things that are never shown in tourist guides, and of course the drive itself is an experience and the views are amazing.

We got back to find that the weather had been beautiful back at camp! Typical 🙂

Today, Sunday, has also been lovely.  We’ve relaxed, had our Sunday dinner in Alberts again, wandered around the Port and I watched the rugby with Gill & Roger – good result England 🙂

We don’t need to eat again for a week (having eaten in Alberts) so Calv is cleaning the windows outside.  Tomorrow morning we will head back up to the mirador that we found the other day and do the walk.  We’ve also found out where there’s a bike shop, so we can go to get a new chain for Calv’s bike.

Maybe we’ll make it down to the beach in the afternoon??!  It’s bank holiday here until Tuesday though so we’ve been joined by lots of Spanish families at the campsite.  They often have 2 or 3 caravans to a pitch!

Take care everyone – I’ll update again soon 🙂 x



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