Waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales – Days 2,4 & 6 :)

There is water everywhere in the Dales.  Tumbling over rocks in rivers and streams that run alongside the road, flowing serenely into Tarns, ready to be enjoyed in reservoirs and thundering down falls or over escarpments.

However you experience it it’s awesome beauty cannot be ignored 🙂

We have made it our business to visit 3 areas of falls; Aysgarth, Hardraw Force and the Cauldron Falls at West Burton (not even mentioned in guidebooks!)  I think we actually enjoyed the Cauldron Falls most as we were able to explore them more fully – we were almost able to walk behind them 🙂

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Day 27, Sunday 26th June – Spot of shopping, Cascade de Pennafort, Callas & Claviers

I wanted to have a look in a couple of the shops on the seafront today. I ended up buying a hat (finally!), a bikini (of course) and a beach bag (my current one is very old, and far too small). I also bought one of those ‘under towel mat’ thingies for the beach. This is currently serving as a chair repair after Calv finally went through it! New chairs when we get home…

Shopping done we set out for a little town called Claviers, as recommended by the campsite, by way of the Cascade de Pennafort, as spotted by me on the map.

We got lucky by pulling off the road when I said to Calv that it must be close by. We’d stopped at a little viewpoint and it was just a quick trek through the bushes for the most amazing view! But there were people down there so we surmised that we must be able to get down ourselves somehow – scanning around we spotted a carpark, so off we set.

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Day 11 – Friday 10th June 2015. Gavarnie.

We knew to expect worse weather today, so waking to see the mountains shrouded in cloud was no surprise, just a different view again.

Our neighbours had also left at 6.30 that morning (we’re struggling to see 8.30am ourselves!)

There was no rain though, and at times the sun looked suspiciously as though it was trying to make an appearance. After a leisurely breakfast we set off for our chosen destination for the day – Gavarnie. We were promised an amazing spectacle of the highest waterfalls in Europe (after a 2 hour hike up the mountain – only we didn’t know it was up a mountain at that point!) Continue reading “Day 11 – Friday 10th June 2015. Gavarnie.”