Day 30, 29th June – The Ardeche – an unexpected bonus

I’m sorry, I know I’m behind (in fact I’m writing this at home 😦 )

As I have lots of other things to do this evening I’m afraid  I haven’t got time to actually write, so I thought I’d get some photos uploaded – now that we have proper WiFi!!

I will then revisit when time allows to fill in the gaps.

This day was our unexpected bonus in that we were expecting to move on to Chalon after just the 1 night, but once we’d arrived we realised we needed to stay for 1 more night.

See pics below (hopefully they offer their own explanation).

DSC_0261DSC_0267 Continue reading “Day 30, 29th June – The Ardeche – an unexpected bonus”

Days 25 & 26, Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June – Kayaking, Beach & relaxing

We were looking forward to going Kayaking today. Although we’d already decided where to hire our kayak, we’d also spotted another sign further down the beach on the way out of Agay (towards Antheon) about hiring Kayaks, paddles etc. so thought it a good plan to have a quick look at them too. It took us a while to find (the signs often give no warning; it just suddenly appears round a corner, and it’s right there – no time to anchor on the brakes and swerve into it!) We eventually found it again, and hiked down to the private beach and then back on ourselves to locate the actual spot – there weren’t many kayaks on display, couldn’t see any life-jackets or anybody to ask. I didn’t have a great feeling and we decided to head back to the 1st place – never mind, it all contributes towards my steps!

At the 1st place we hired 2 single kayaks for 9 euros each for an hour (although he let us have them for 2 hours for the same price). He told us where to head and off we went.

Now I’ve kayaked twice – once when I did an introductory course at Hilsea Lido (bought on Groupon), and the 2nd time, a couple of years ago, in our 2 seater kayak (with backrests) on the Hamble with Calv (the weather was never good enough when we were free last year..) Continue reading “Days 25 & 26, Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June – Kayaking, Beach & relaxing”