Days 25 & 26, Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June – Kayaking, Beach & relaxing

We were looking forward to going Kayaking today. Although we’d already decided where to hire our kayak, we’d also spotted another sign further down the beach on the way out of Agay (towards Antheon) about hiring Kayaks, paddles etc. so thought it a good plan to have a quick look at them too. It took us a while to find (the signs often give no warning; it just suddenly appears round a corner, and it’s right there – no time to anchor on the brakes and swerve into it!) We eventually found it again, and hiked down to the private beach and then back on ourselves to locate the actual spot – there weren’t many kayaks on display, couldn’t see any life-jackets or anybody to ask. I didn’t have a great feeling and we decided to head back to the 1st place – never mind, it all contributes towards my steps!

At the 1st place we hired 2 single kayaks for 9 euros each for an hour (although he let us have them for 2 hours for the same price). He told us where to head and off we went.

Now I’ve kayaked twice – once when I did an introductory course at Hilsea Lido (bought on Groupon), and the 2nd time, a couple of years ago, in our 2 seater kayak (with backrests) on the Hamble with Calv (the weather was never good enough when we were free last year..) Sea kayaking is a little different, in that you’re having, of course, to cope with waves (such as they were), but also you can’t just relax for a rest, the sea turns you round and takes you wherever it wants to! And this part of the coast is rocky. At first I was nervous about heading through the rocks (as I thought I might hole the kayak and have to pay for it!) but as time wore on I become more confident and just headed straight for them – if I hit I hit!

We pulled into and out of little coves, and were headed for the cove that we’d been told was inaccessible by road or foot, but it was quite a way and also with no backrests it was somewhat uncomfortable the further we went (this wasn’t just me either). We finally pulled into a fairly inaccessible cove (I think that the beach across the way was a nudist beach..) and sat resting for a while (this is where we took the picture that I put up on Facebook – hopefully I’ll be able to get my phone pictures onto here when we get home). The beaches themselves weren’t particularly inviting – I certainly wouldn’t have made the effort to clamber down to them to spend the day!


By the time we got back it was quite a relief as it was getting difficult to sit up and keep paddling – I was surprised that it wasn’t my arms that were aching but my legs! More specifically my thighs. Next time we will make sure we can make some sort of backrest (we have to return to kayak down the Ardeche amongst the gorges).

Next stop was a beach that we’d found at the far end of Agay. We’d decided to head here as we thought there might be some snorkelling to be had (as it was quite rocky). The beach was fine, but getting into the sea was problematic for most people (I’d brought my water shoes J ). Calv told me there were a few fish to see, but nothing particularly special.

Once I’d got in I found there were also some really cold spots and my snorkel mask was playing up – i.e. it was letting water in. I wasn’t that bothered (as Calv wasn’t overly enthusiastic about what there was to see) so gave up! I went back to reading my book on the beach J

We made it up to Happy Hour in the bar for a couple in the evening – there’s just 4 babies left in the nest now. We’re hoping that the 5th has flown the nest – this is supported by the fact that the mother isn’t simply feeding the remaining birds, but seems to hover in front of the nest seemingly trying to encourage them to fly! It’s amazing to watch.

Saturday 25th June – Just a total relaxing day today. Hanging out by the pool in the sun for a few hours. Very nice too 🙂


Another visit to our new favourite supermarket in the afternoon. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned the driving over here? Bad. Really, really bad. We see lots of near misses, and lots of dented cars. Today we passed the scene of an accident very shortly after it had happened. We certainly hope the lad in the car was okay; he appeared to be trapped by his legs. Unfortunately it’s really not a surprise to see such accidents – it’s just amazing we haven’t seen more of them L

This meant that the route that we knew back from the supermarket was closed by the time we left for home (by which I mean the van!) We found our way back, but it was a very long detour (we ended up back on the seafront somehow!)

Watched the Wales v N. Ireland match in the bar in the evening (we’ve got BBC World News on our tv, but that’s all)

Night all – just a couple more days here before we move on again.


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