Back in the UK

It’s now Monday 3rd April and we have been back in the UK since Friday.  It’s nice to know that I still know how to drive and to notice the things from home that we should really all appreciate (more of that in a later post…)

It wasn’t rough in the Bay of Biscay but there was a 2m swell and, as I don’t always travel well, this meant I ended up laying down for 14 hours of the trip… (didn’t do my fitbit challenges any good either!)  In this time Calv saw a school of dolphins (on the other side of the ferry to where the Orca watch co-ordinators were leading the search for them..), had some dinner and almost fell asleep in his pint.  At which point he returned to the cabin to go to bed.  At 8pm!!

Since we drove off the ferry we’ve hardly stopped.  Don’t get me wrong it’s lovely to see everybody but we’re exhausted!!  Much as I’m looking forward to seeing people that I haven’t caught up with yet I’m also looking forward, very much, to Thursday when we have no plans 🙂

I do have to catch up with writing up campsite reviews and an overview of our trip so far.  I also have to write up a couple more ‘condensed’ versions (my son’s might read them then!)

Today I have upgraded my computer and we’ve got ourselves mobile internet (which we wish we’d done before we left…).  I’m hoping that this will mean a less frustrating process when I update the blog.

Whilst I’m here can I just say thank you so much for reading and for your interest and support.  As this was started as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends it’s lovely to see that it’s proving interesting to others.  So, welcome to everybody and please feel free to comment on your own experiences on where we’ve visited.

The featured image btw is taken from our pitch at our ‘home’ campsite, Kia Ora in Nutbourne near Chichester.  The view at any time rivals any that we’ve experienced in Spain (except perhaps the last where we could see snow-capped mountains from our pitch).

Kia Ora is a small site in an old nursery.  It’s wonderful to see the daffodils bobbing in the sun and also the owner’s own lovely garden.  We’ll be very comfortable here until we move on to Rye next week for the start of our UK adventures.

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