A dribble along the coast, a ride along the steam railway and a wander around Filby & Ormsby Broads

We weren’t really up to doing much the day after visiting Norwich, so after a lazy morning we headed out for a drive along the coast.  We started with California & Scratby where we parked up and went down to have a look at the beach.  Being a windy day it was actually quite nice as the beach was really sheltered.


Next we saw Hemsby.  These are actually all nice little resorts typified by many chalet parks (yes chalet parks, as opposed to statics).  Don’t get me wrong there are several static parks, but I do like a chalet (I think it’s because that’s what we always stayed in when I was a kid – must be an age thing!)

There were all the usual things you would expect in seaside resorts – amusement arcades, ice-cream stalls, fairs and fish & chip shops.  There was just a nice feel – if you know what I mean.

We made it up as far as Winterton-on-Sea and, if I’m honest, the resorts got nicer the further north you went.  We came back through a lovely village called Martham where people were sitting outside the pub – it definitely looked to be worth a visit!

In the evening we headed out to the nearby broads of Filby & Ormsby, part of the Trinity broads – 5 interlinking lake basins, both of which have boardwalks alongside.  This was a lovely early evening wander.


On our last day here we set off back to Wroxham, but this time with our bikes.  Parking at the end of the 5 Rivers cycle path (just past the church and outside the primary school) we headed for the Bure Valley steam railway station, seeing a decidedly prettier part of town as we did so.  We cycled along the, at times bumpy and narrow, cycle path alongside the railway – 9 miles to Aylsham with a lunch stop at Coltishall.

When the train eventually caught us up we easily stayed with it – in the end Calv had to slow down to let it go! (Don’t forget that we’ve got electric bikes!)

At Aylsham we stopped for a drink in the Whistlestop Café and decided against heading further to have a look at Aylsham (we drove through though a few days later, and wished we’d taken the time to have a look!)  We then headed back the way we’d come.  We cycled a total of 19 miles and it was a really enjoyable day 🙂

One final thing that we did whilst staying at Lower Wood Farm was to take another walk, this time following a circular path.  We started out but couldn’t find where to go through the field that the public footpath was marked (it really was very unclear), so we decided to start at the other end of the walk.  This worked very well and we found the church, which was lovely (even though there was a lad sat by the door drinking cider and smoking something).

It was the last 1/4 mile of this walk that proved troublesome – it took us 35mins!  This was because the path was not properly marked and was definitely not properly maintained.  We had to stamp down giant nettles and go very carefully as the path was on a ridge where we couldn’t see the edges!  We eventually made it but wouldn’t recommend that path or use it again – which I guess is what that particular farmer wanted…

We loved our time here, although we did feel that there wasn’t as much to do as other places we’ve visited.

Next up North Norfolk where we stayed in Upper Sheringham 🙂




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