An 18 mile cycle around Rutland Water

I’m going back 2 weeks now to our trip around Rutland Water.  The main point of visiting this area was to go around this reservoir.

Built in the early 70’s the area lost Lower (or Nether) Hambleton and much of Middle Hambleton (some of which survives as the promontory jutting out into the reservoir (an extra 7 miles on your bike ride if you choose to take it – we drove another day!)  At low water it is still possible to see the foundations of some of the buildings that were demolished (which included a mediaeval cottage…)

You can read here about some of the dwellings that were lost – quite an interesting read (if a bit long..!)

The reservoir is now a bustling and well used leisure area.  The day we cycled around it we were most certainly not alone – they were hundreds of others cycling or walking the route (perhaps not all the way around though!), as well as hundreds more enjoying the facilities available around the water or sailing, kayaking or paddle boarding on the water.

It was wonderful to see so many people out and about enjoying the big outdoors 🙂

One day we will have a go on that obstacle course 🙂 Continue reading “An 18 mile cycle around Rutland Water”


A dribble along the coast, a ride along the steam railway and a wander around Filby & Ormsby Broads

We weren’t really up to doing much the day after visiting Norwich, so after a lazy morning we headed out for a drive along the coast.  We started with California & Scratby where we parked up and went down to have a look at the beach.  Being a windy day it was actually quite nice as the beach was really sheltered.


Next we saw Hemsby.  These are actually all nice little resorts typified by many chalet parks (yes chalet parks, as opposed to statics).  Don’t get me wrong there are several static parks, but I do like a chalet (I think it’s because that’s what we always stayed in when I was a kid – must be an age thing!)

There were all the usual things you would expect in seaside resorts – amusement arcades, ice-cream stalls, fairs and fish & chip shops. Continue reading “A dribble along the coast, a ride along the steam railway and a wander around Filby & Ormsby Broads”

A cycle ride from Aldeburgh to Thorpeness, Sizewell Beach and Leiston Abbey

Our last day in Suffolk before moving onto Norfolk (‘South Folk’ and ‘North Folk’ denoted by where they lived in relation to the river.  I’m not sure what river – there are many, many rivers in this area!)  We’d already decided that this was the day we would cycle from Aldeburgh to Thorpeness – because the children were going back to school!

It turned out to be a lovely day, if a little windy.  We parked at the south end of Aldeburgh on the Slaughden ‘peninsula’ (mainly because it’s free..) and cycled along the seafront, this time going on past the Scallop, which was as far as we got last time.


I did think that the cycle path went all the way to Thorpeness, however, whilst there is a path all the way along the seafront, there comes a point where it isn’t suitable for riding on so we had to move onto the road.  However, the road is absolutely fine and not too busy so it wasn’t a problem.

Thorpeness is just a few miles away from Aldeburgh and it is absolutely charming.  Originally conceived as a purpose built, upmarket holiday village Continue reading “A cycle ride from Aldeburgh to Thorpeness, Sizewell Beach and Leiston Abbey”