Campsite Reviews aimed at motorhomers.

Honest 1st hand campsite reviews from the perspective of motorhomers with a fairly large unit (and often towing a small car). Currently covers sites in the UK, Spain, France and Portugal – hopefully in the future we will be adding sites in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland and beyond!

Hi to all you motorhomers out there (and caravaners, but being motorhomers ourselves we know what they need :); well we know what we want/need and suspect many will have similar wants)…

We have, so far, visited sites throughout Spain, France and the UK.  This spring/summer, coronovirus allowing, we are hoping to add Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Belgium to that list (and perhaps Switzerland, Lichenstein and Luxembourg…)

Within each review will be contact details, location details (ie. GPS co-ordinates), access issues and anything that’s particularly good or bad about the site.  We will also include links to blogs giving you ideas of where to visit during your stay (this might be on foot, by car or bike).

Every site for which there is a review has been visited by us.  Many of them have been found via the ACSI card book, but we are now starting to branch out and there are reviews for the free overnight stops that we have found (some of them just amazing and not limited to 1 night – Algodonales springs to mind; we stayed 4 nights with electricity provided…)

Knowing what’s important to us we are going to use a set format to complete, with key questions (access, pitch, facilities etc.) + the description set up under ‘The good, The bad and The ugly’.

Please do comment with your own views of any campsites I review that you have also visited – it’s quite possible we’ll have differing views!  Any suggestions for other campsites or parking areas are also very welcome 🙂

Just a bit of background information on our set-up then:-

We are Mandi and Calvin and we have a 2012 Bessacarr E769, 8.56m long and 2.3m wide.  We have been using the ACSI book for our travels on our last 2 European trips, and have found it invaluable (although we have had to resort to the internet a couple of times).

We have also invested in an Aguri SatNav for this trip (the one we had previously, from a different manufacturer, proved to be completely useless!!)

And, of course, if you find the campsite reviews helpful you might enjoy our blog cataloguing our travels!

I will be adding to these whenever we travel 🙂

Happy travelling 🙂

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Our Favourite Beaches and Seaside Resorts in the UK

That the UK has some stunning countryside is accepted by all, but our beaches? Many people aren’t aware of just how beautiful many of our beaches really are – a friend who has just visited Devon & Cornwall commented that you wouldn’t expect to see the beaches that they’d found in the UK! Read this to discover some of the must see beaches and resorts in the UK.

I think we all have a favourite beach, but that doesn’t, of course, mean that this is the best beach in the country!  We can’t all visit them all can we?  So this is my selection of our favourite beaches that we have visited in the UK – so far 🙂

Note, these are OUR favourites, and therefore I feel it’s only fair to fess up to the fact that I’m not a fan of pebbly beaches.  So, even though some pebbly beaches are stunning  they’re unlikely to feature in our favourites as I would aim for a sandy beach over a pebbly one any day of the week 🙂  Maybe I’ll do a separate list for pebbly beaches one day!!

My favourite features are beach huts (the quirkier the better), a good old fashioned pier, a nice promenade and beautiful clean sand and water.  These are to be found in abundance all around the coast here in the UK.  (Note: not having a blue flag designation does not mean a beach and it’s water aren’t clean…)

I have missed out so many beaches (there are numerous lovely examples in Norfolk – from Mundsley to California, Lincolnshire – from Cleethorpes to Skegness, Yorkshire – Saltburn to Robin Hoods Bay, Northumberland – Newbiggin to Spittal, Dorset – Bournemouth to Swanage, Cornwall – too many to mention! and not to forget Devon where my childhood memories are of Blackpool Sands, Dartmouth, and where I first swam without armbands in Bigbury Bay (where the beach scenes in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were filmed).  Or Wales where all the beaches I’ve ever visited are stunning (Tenby (see no. 10 below), Saundersfoot, Pendine, those on the Gower peninsula and North Wales too), and, of course, the Isle of Wight (right on our doorstep).  I’m look forward to visiting Liverpool and the Wirral in a few weeks to see what they have to offer us on the North East Coast 🙂

Also I am able to say that we have actually visited all the beaches featured on the following pages – so again I am quite sure there are others that you might include – please feel free to share!


Before you look through my choices I have to say that a couple of other beaches deserve a special mention (I decided to stick with a Top 10 but can’t resist these):-

Filey, East Yorkshire – good old fashioned seaside resort with a surprising amount of history

Filey Beach

Southwold, Suffolk – what a surprisingly lovely resort.  A unique pier, no amusement arcades – just a lovely promenade along the seafront and a charming little town with a rather lovely fish and chip shop! The Little Fish & Chip Shop   No wonder it topped a poll of the UK’s favourite seaside resorts!

View from the end of the pier at Southwold

Scarborough, East Yorkshire – Specifically the quieter North Bay, overlooked by the castle high up on the hill that divides the 2 bays.

Overlooking Scarborough beach and harbour

Weymouth, Dorset – the sand may well be imported but this is a lovely south coast resort with a permanent sand art display on the beach.

And, finally, the main picture was taken, believe it or not, on the outskirts of Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire!  We were NOT expecting this 🙂

Now, read on for images and comments on our top 10 favourite beaches 🙂







Back on the Road – and so the UK tour begins :)

Yesterday we thought we were leaving Bosham for Rye, then we didn’t as we realised that we weren’t booked in until today.   Only today we realised that we were actually booked in for yesterday, 10th, but we decided that the 10th was today….

We are, quite literally, struggling to know what day it actually is!

Anyway we, belatedly, left Kia Ora this morning and Calv decided we would follow the A259, as far as possible, along the coast.  This was rather lovely for most of the way as the sun was shining and, being the Easter holidays, there were lots of people out and about enjoying the sunshine.

We stopped in Brighton for a walk and some lunch and it was very busy (even though the photo above makes it long empty).  It’s no longer free to park along the seafront, as Calv remembers; it’s now £2 for an hour and £4.20 for 2 hours.

After leaving Brighton we were held up by various roadworks and an accident where a bus had taken out a traffic light in Peacehaven.

Despite this we were glad we went this way as we saw areas that we desperately want to re-visit, such as the area near Birling Gap with a winding river, where we’ll be able to put the kayak in.  We must buy those wetsuits soon!

We finally arrived at our site, The Cock Inn at Peasmarsh.

Hmmm… Our intention had been to stay here for 9 nights.  We spent that 1st night looking for somewhere else.  First thing the next morning we set off 3 miles down the road to have a look at a site I’d found.  So much better for us, so on we moved.  Our new site has peacocks and peahens as well as the obligatory chickens!


Once settled we set off to see Rye in the afternoon.  What a lovely surprise this charming little town is!  (I have a funny feeling that ‘charming’ may be a much overused word in the coming months!!)

It is, indeed, ancient – as noted on the town signs.  If you want to know more about it then read my review here.


Today, Thursday 13th April, we sat in the sun and cleaned the van in the morning and then, after a lunch of salad (yes, for me too!) we headed out to explore a little more of the surrounding area.

We drove through some beautiful little villages, looking out at scenery with numerous oast houses with their distinctive conical roofs, topped with a white angled cone, white boarded traditional houses, fields of rapeseed, sheep and glimpses of bulrushes, denoting water even where we couldn’t see it. What we don’t see are many abandoned buildings (although there have been a couple of tumbledown farm buildings); any available barns and oasthouses have long been converted to substantial dwellings.

We crossed the steam railway just before Bodiam (within easy reach of the castle).  The Tenterden to Bodiam steam line runs to here.  A train was just about to depart which meant the gates were being closed by the station master (apparently along the route the driver jumps out and closes and opens them himself!)  He tried to wave us through, but as if we were going to miss this!  So we watched the train depart and can’t wait to take a trip on it ourselves 🙂

The steam train waiting to leave Bodiam Station – TurnrightoutofPortsmouth

After visiting a motorhome sales centre (very disappointing range available) and trying to visit a reservoir (inaccessible) we decided to visit Battle.

We re-joined English Heritage as we entered the Abbey, and began our visit.  Please see my separate review for details.  Needless to say this is a wonderful attraction and we would highly recommend it.  Very informative and the way the information is presented is excellent.


Even if you aren’t a member of English Heritage I would suggest that it is well worth the entry price.

I have written a separate review of Battle Abbey & Battlefield.