Dribbling along the coast to Aldbrough and it’s disappearing road. Then Fabulous Filey the next day :)

It’s just over 35 miles from Bridlington to Spurn Head.  We set out on Sunday with the idea that we might make it to Spurn Head, but also knowing that we would be taking in several sights along the way.

Our 1st stop was slightly away from the coast at Lisset, where we had been told about a memorial to 158 Squadron who were based nearby.

This is a really unusual sculpture, and really well done.  I don’t know if you can see in the photo, but the name of every one of the 851 squadron members who died on active service.  The 7 silhouettes are designed to represent a bomber crew.

Our 2nd stop was Ulrome.  I said to Calv we can come off the main road and there’s a road that brings us back round to Skipsea and then back onto the main road….

Not anymore there’s not!!  The mapbook we have in the car is from 2008 and the road has changed slightly since then..  In that much of it along the clifftop has actually disappeared.  (The mapbook in the van is from 2010 and it does show that the road isn’t there anymore).

You could clearly see where camping pitches used to be and we were wondering how long it will actually be before the rest of these pitches will disappear over the edge.

We did head through Skipsea and it had a pretty looking church.  However, for the 1st time I found that I could only look around the outside as it was locked – this, unfortunately, has been a recurring theme since..


Our next stop was Hornsea, which clearly didn’t leave much of an impression on either of us as we’ve just had to have a discussion about whether we stopped or not!  We’ve worked out, by looking at our photos in sequence, that it was where we saw the old railway station at the end of the Trans Pennine Way, which has been really nicely turned into houses.


Next stop was at Mappleton where we found a nice beach, a nice tea-rooms in the old post office, another locked church and a downpour!  (Also a rude woman who took the last table under cover even though she knew that we were already heading for it – grrrr….)

Mappleton Church – locked 😦 

Then we headed to Aldbrough.  I had heard of Aldbrough as being a place losing 16ft of road to the sea on average every year.  Most of the homes are therefore shacks or trailers; we found another doer-upper!  There’s also a pub that has probably only got another 10 years or so before it disappears over the edge.


Aldrough – here you can see the next section ready to go….


After leaving Aldbrough we found a little church hidden away down a country lane – St Michaels at Garton with Grimston.  The church was locked but we met another couple who pulled up at the same time as us, and had a little chat with them.  We then went our separate ways and we continued on to Withernsea.


St Michaels, Garton with Grimston


We parked up on the seafront (free) and went off for a little walk to have a look around.  We found some strange towers on the seafront.  It turned out that these were all that remains of the pier that used to stand here.  It suffered many instances of storm damage (including ships smashing into it during storms) almost as soon as it was completed and, although it was repaired a couple of times, in the end they gave up.  It then just got shorter and shorter until they put it out of it’s misery and demolished the final 50ft!  Click here for pictures of the pier throughout it’s short life.

We could hear a lot of noise (it was singing…) from the green and when we walked around we could see an entertainer valiantly soldiering on to an audience of about 15 people.  You have to admire him!

We bought ourselves a double raspberry magnum each – very nice but very naughty, and then headed back to the car.  Where we were surprised to see the couple parked in front waving at us – it was only the couple that we’d met back at the church!  Small world and all that 🙂

By now time was getting on so we decided to call it a day and head back.  We took a wrong turning on the way home, but that doesn’t mean we got lost.  We just went home a different way…..!

I have just realised that I haven’t written about Tattershall Castle and actually watching a film in the Kinema in the Woods!  I will make sure this is my next post, before I tell you all about Filey, Spurn Head, Scarborough and Beverley 🙂




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